Services Details | Planning Phase :
The planning phase includes all the pre-construction activities.
The main contribution of Smash Management during this phase is to ensure that the project:

  • Meets the potential members’ needs and facility’s capacity.
  • Is designed to meet potential investment returns.
  • Facilities meet international standards and ensure practical and safe operation.
  • Design is operationally economic.

To realize the above, Smash Management’s scope of work during the planning phase covers the following areas:

1. Identifying Sporting Club contents and requirements:

Smash Management will propose all ideal club components that will be used in the economical evaluation. In this regard, Smash Management will:

  • Propose the different types of sportive facilities to be included.
  • Propose the number of each sportive facility in terms of courts, areas, equipment … etc.
  • Specify the different social activities and estimate surface allocated.
  • Specify all related supportive and service facilities with respective areas.

2. Feasibility study:

During this phase, Smash Management will prepare a complete set of income statements and cash flow based on the findings of phase “1”. Initial findings will direct Smash Management to propose an updated club content to ensure a healthy cash flow to support the operation.

The study will reflect details of each operation activity including:
  • Rough estimate of initial investment.
  • Forecasted number of potential members per year.
  • Revenue by activity based on an estimate number of users.
  • Direct and indirect cost per activity including the estimate number of manpower involved.
  • General supportive services cost including all administrative, maintenance activities, security ... etc.
  • The Net Present Value and Internal Rate of Return of the whole project.
  • Sensitivity analysis on the major contribution factors on the feasibility of the project.

3. Design phase:

Smash Management will participate in the layout review of the facilities to ensure a pleasant, smooth and cost effective operation. Smash Management’s contribution will be in the form of:

  • Selecting the best proposed design.
  • Making the best functional distribution of facilities / zoning.
  • Suggesting the necessary design modification to ensure an economical, pleasant and safe operation.
  • Providing all technical specifications of sports facilities including locations, dimensions, orientation, surface types, lighting … etc.
  • Suggesting suppliers for cost evaluation.