Services Details | Construction Phase :
As a consultant, Smash Management will be representing the owner in all specialized technical issues related to construction.

The main contribution of Smash Management during this phase is to ensure:

  • Cost effective execution of the approved design.
  • Proper application of standards set.

Moreover, Smash Management can be a member of the project work approval committee.

Services Details | Construction Phase

Smash Management’s scope of work during the construction phase covers the following areas:

  • 1. Providing specialized technical assistance during the construction of both sports facilities and buildings.
  • 2. Selecting various economical finishing materials and furniture.
  • 3. Working with the assigned consultant on optimizing costs.
  • 4. Providing lists of specialized local and international suppliers.
  • 5. Assisting in the final work approval of the contractor mainly in all technical aspects.
  • 6. Acting on behalf of the owner on all matters related to operations in all necessary meetings.