Services Details | Sales & Marketing Phase :
The main drive for any club’s financial success is the number of its joined members, as they are the main financial contributors to the project investment payback. Therefore, Sales & Marketing phase is considered the most critical stage in any project.

The main contribution of Smash Management in this phase is to ensure the achievement of the agreed upon Return on Investment.

Smash Management’s scope of work at the Sales & MKTG phase covers the following areas:

1. Building membership base through:

  • Sales & Marketing launch plan development & execution in compliance with the owner’s communication strategy/ies.
  • Sales & Marketing annual plans development & execution in compliance with the owner’scommunication strategy/ies.
  • Sales & Marketing budgets development. Smash MGMT's role lies in ensuring utmost utilization of the owner’s budget allocated for Sales & Marketing.
  • Convenient payment terms and packages design.
2. Membership base retention through:

  • Ensuring social class harmony throughout the project lifetime.
  • Ensuring membership satisfaction & delightfulness throughout the project lifetime.

Services Details | Sales & Marketing Phase