Services Details | Operation Phase :
Operation phase includes all the activities and actions needed for managing the project throughout the project lifetime.

Smash Management’s main contribution in the operation phase is to ensure:

  • Successful and enjoyable operation to end users.
  • Assets are in good condition throughout the project lifetime.
  • Financial and operational Key Performance Indicators are met.
  • Application of our standardized operation manuals to the facility/ies.

Smash Management’s scope of work during the operation phase covers the following areas:

1. Pre-opening:

  • Selection, recruitment & training of all personnel. Smash Management’s role lies in making the best utilization of overhead budget allocated for manpower.
  • Putting in place all the activities in compliance with the rules and regulations.
  • Setting all the pricing policies.Operation Management Phase

2. Operation:

  • Interviewing the potential members.
  • Application of Smash Management’s Standard Operation Manuals & Procedures.
  • Operation of all club facilities, sports activities, social activities and the food & beverage.
  • Managing the maintenance team covering all the club facilities and equipment.
  • Managing the security & housekeeping teams covering all premises.

3. Accounting activities and reporting:

  • Following up on membership renewal activities.
  • Handling accounting activities according to the national norms.
  • Following upon financial transactions of the operation.
  • Reviewing actual performance vs. budgeted financial performance.
  • Setting quarterly reviews for the financial performance with the owner.