Smash Katameya Residence Sporting Club

Smash Katameya Residence Club was launched in 2008 and was perfectly built to meet the exclusive class of Katameya Residence compound and its neighborhood. Built with the idea of answering all the needs of this community, the club enjoys a wide range & high level of sports activities such as ; Tennis, squash, football, basket, swimming, water polo, aerobics, ballet, gymnastics &fitness programs. Moreover, focus was set on significant social activities for the whole family like arts& crafts, music, beauty services and catering.

Smash Kattameyya Residence Club distinguishes itself from other clubs in the area by its high level of sports services as well as the cozy and safe family environment. The high level of sports services is guaranteed by the integration of Smash katameya to Smash Management system and extensive experience. Tennis and swimming benefit from the same curriculam as Smash Tennis Academy and many of the tennis coaches have been certified by the International Tennis Federation. 

They also benefit from the venue of international speakers whom Smash Management brings to upgrade its system. Meanwhile, football distinguishes itself with an international accreditation.

On the social side, it is important to note that Smash katameya Residence Sporting Club is benefitting from the strong experience of Smash Management in terms of F&B services in clubs. From the menu to the events organization, the club is receiving the strong support of Smash Management to be sure to offer all the F&B services needed by the community.

At Smash katameya Residence Sporting Club, the sports facilities have been built with the same high standards and expertise as all Smash clubs. The search for beauty and landscape harmony walking hand in hand with the professionalism of the facilities and services, the result is a great meeting point for the families living in the surroundings.
• 5 Tennis Clay Courts • 1 Indoor Restaurant
• 1 Covered outdoor Heated Semi-Olympic Pool • 1 Outdoor Cafe
• 2 Squash Court • 1 VIP Lounge
• 1 Artificial Grass Quanta Soccer Court • 1 Youth Lounge
• 1 Volleyball Court • 1 Billiard Room
• 1 Basketball Court • 1 Kids' Pool
• Gymnasium • 2 Kids' Playgrounds
• 1 Fitness Studio • 1 Kids' Playroom
• 1 Jogging Track of 225 m • 1 Music & Art Room
• 1 Outdoor recreational Swimming Pool • Sitting Area 
• Spa: Sauna, Jacuzzi, Steam & Body Treatment • Parking Area
SKRSC, Smash Katameya Residence Sporting Club
SKRSC, Smash Katameya Residence Sporting Club